Dazzle Ur Dressage

1st April

Dazzle your Dressage is a clinic designed to take the ‘stress’ out of ‘stressage’!

Nay will help to break down the movements of your chosen test, or movements of the level you are at and give you some helpful tips and tricks. Nay can help you to gain confidence by designing a warm up specific to your individual partnership and talk you through the tests in the board so you are ready to go when the big day comes!

Lessons will be inside the white boards. Group or individual lessons available!

This clinic will be either held in the outdoor or indoor arena depending on the weather.

Private Lesson – £30 Per Person

Group Lesson – £20 Per Person

If you have by accident already paid online please email equestrian@homefarmjersey.com in order to book your session. 

Lesson Type / Day Membership Required
Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa