Freestyle Fridays! - Entries

Join Home Farm Equestrian and a selection of different trainers available for you all day on a Friday ! 

Our Fridays will now become Freestyle Friday Clinic

Each week we will focus on different areas, Including numerous poles, cross poles exercises to help turning positioning bend and straightness etc. Activity games, to help confidence either in hand or under saddle. 

Jumping, How to walk courses, gaining confidence with fillers and spooky flowers etc.

And anything else you would like to help with please just ask.

Naomi Aguilar Clinics and Alison Rogers Clinics will be there to guide and help you improve your confidence, knowledge and skills, so you will be able to achieve your individual goals while having fun in a relaxed and friendly environment.

We are happy to do 1 hours sessions or 30 minute sessions or Group sessions depending which is more suitable for you and you horse 😁

You will need to have renewed your 2022 membership for any event after the 9th of May! 


£35 individual 1hr

£25 Individual 1/2 hour

£25 Group lesson

Date Selection
Such as time of lesson and your goals.
Price: £ 35.00
Price: £ 25.00
Price: £ 25.00
Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa