FunDay Jump Days - Entries

Weekly Group Pole and Jumping lessons as well as Private lessons for Junior and Adult riders.

Sessions can be for all riders and horses no matter your ability. 

Weekly on a Thursday and on some Fridays please see dates on the form below! 


£50 individual 1hr
£30 Group lesson

Any changes in the above penny will let you know and you will get a refund from the club.

** All Evening Sessions are only 3 to a group and you must book by selecting which time below. If your weeks is full you will be emailed and transferred onto the next weeks session** 

Such as Pole lesson, Jumping up to 90cm etc

Please place the number of lessons wanted along side the type of lessons below. Evening lessons can only be booked by Group on a first come first served basis and you must select which group you would like to book in for.

Evening group spaces are limited if we run out of space for a particular week we will email and move you to the next available slot.

Can only be booked before 4pm on a Thursday.
Price: £ 50.00
Only for groups before 4pm on a Thursday any later please see booking below.
Price: £ 30.00
Price: £ 30.00
Price: £ 30.00
Price: £ 30.00
Price: £ 30.00
Price: £ 30.00
Date Selection
Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa