I was probably not much older than 4 when I first rode a pony. My mum was a passionate horsewoman and had a love for horses that became infectious within our family. In my late teens boys took over and I had a rather scary encounter with a 15.2h chestnut show hunter! I vowed then not to be involved with horses again – fear stepped in, so I just gave up.

Pretty much at the same time as giving up horses I came across yoga and learning how to breathe with ease. I have been practising yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques ever since. I qualified to teach yoga, mindfulness and relaxation. I have been teaching yoga and the connection of the breath with our ability to relax and create a positive mindset for over 20 years – I am still teaching many students that started with me 20 years ago, that is quite an achievement for us all!

I am truly passionate about the mental health and welfare of children and adults. I have seen and personally experienced the effects practicing simple yoga, mindfulness and relaxation techniques can have on our daily lives. When we feel calm and at ease, this ripples out to those around us – including our horses. The effect this can have with your riding and the time you spend with your horse or pony is extremely powerful.

As riders we can struggle with confidence and self-belief, unable to get past the mindset blocks which prevent us from really achieving success. I know as I have been there too! That feeling of ‘not being good enough’ or being stuck believing that you just ‘can’t’ do something anymore can be overwhelming.

The good news is that whatever challenges you are facing, whatever level you are riding at, it is possible to get let go of those limiting beliefs or behaviours that keep you stuck in old patterns. Look at me – I am riding again, and it feels great!

The super riding instructors on the Island can support your technical riding whilst I will do my best to help you get back on track through the practice of simple yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques that will support you feeling focused, confident, positive and capable.

No matter what your riding ability, all you need to do is ‘show up’ and ‘practice with intention! My aim is to help you:-

• LOVE riding your horse again

• ENJOY being around your horse

• FEEL calm and in control of your emotions