Hi, I am Karen Barette, I am 55 and  I am married to Trevor Barette.  We own Home Farm, which was originally a dairy farm and then grew to be an Agricultural Contracting business . We now have retired from the dairy side.

It is with the  massive support from Trevor and the use of the  farm facilities which has enabled us to form the Home Farm Equestrian Club.

Originally living in the UK, I have had horses since I was 9 years old. My  passion has always been showing and I  have shown and produced pure bred Arabs, Mountain and Moorlands and Coloured horses. I have successfully competed and won at many shows across the UK, with one of my favourite winning achievements  being the Royal Cheshire, with a fantastic Fell called Grayson Daniel. I am not sure who cried the most, me or his wonderful owner as she had owned him since he was 6 months old.

I have also been very fortunate to achieve my dreams of qualifying and competing at Horse of the Year show numerous times on various beautiful horses which I enjoyed every single minute. Since coming to Jersey, I have taken up Dressage as everyone know I am not a jumper – poles are about my limitation!

I love my hairy ponies and the main things I like to do is learn, enjoy and have fun on my lovely boys.

I get great pleasure from seeing, helping and supporting my fellow equine friends so that they too can enjoy, have fun and reach their goals on their horses and ponies.