Hi my name is Mark I am 34 year old jersey boy through and through. I work for the emergency services in the combined control room taking 999 calls currently for ambulance and fire.

I have had all different shape and size of horses and ponies ranging from 36 inches to 15.3 I primarily used to do Carriage driving until I had a nasty accident which knocked my confidence. I went back into riding and at the time I didn’t have the support network like home farm so gave up riding again. I just had horses and ponies as pets.

11 months ago I came to braking point and nearly sold everything and gave up untill I found Home Farm Equestrian and they have given me my passion back, they have helped me to turn my life around! The team has given me the confidence to believe in myself I have started commentating at events again.

Since being on committee I have taken on the role of organising rosettes and commentating when I am available. And I now want to get back in the saddle again and currently looking for my next trusty stead to enjoy and have some low level fun with.

I have been a man on a mission changing my life around and gone on a massive health kick ready to get back in the saddle and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of my adoptive family the Home Farm gang they are amazing and a fab bunch to be with.