Hi, I’m Sabrina! You will often see me around home farm with my daughter Katie-Jay and our beautiful horses Snoopy and Patch.

We have owed a few ponies over the last 15 years for my daughter, we still have have her first Pony Aero who is a little 11.2 Welsh pony and now 20 years old! He’s a great companion and babysitter to all our horses.

I started riding properly myself at the end of 2019 on my brilliant pony Alfie with having lessons with my amazing trainer, Naomi Aguilar. Prior to this I had basically just hacked and had an occasional play in the school.
Alfie is now out on loan so I can focus on my beautiful new horse Snoopy, who is a 6 yr old grey Connemara that Naomi and I are training together!

I joined Home Farm as soon as the club started and all I can say is my life has changed because of this club. It’s provided me with so many new experiences, opportunities, support and friends.

I wanted to join the Home Farm committee so that I can give back to the club a little of what it has given me!